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What We Do


We aim at having a positive impact on society by promoting behavioral changes designed to improve the care provided to children in their first years of life.

Our initiatives can be broken down into three major integrated areas: Joint Efforts, Generate and Disseminate Knowledge, and Change Realities.

Our projects take on a number of different forms, namely national and international courses, research and innovation grants, publications, workshops, videos, symposia, movies, training and educational courses, TV series, and sponsorships.

​In a joint effort to generate and share knowledge on Early Childhood Development, we can change realities.


​In a joint effort to generate and share knowledge on Early Childhood Development, we can change realities.

Joint Efforts

Means to create, translate, organize and share content about early childhood with the overall society, especially with interested parties, enabling them to identify, act, and advocate their cause.

Science for Childhood Initiative

This initiative is a collaborative effort designed to translate research-based scientific knowledge into a language that is more accessible to the general public; the idea is for public policies and practicing educators to incorporate and apply this knowledge on their day-to-day work and programs.                                                                               

Scientific Committee

The mission of this committee is to 1) identify the major and most impactful areas in Early Childhood Development, 2) bring together those areas that have the greatest potential of becoming policies and current practice and 3) to promote a national research agenda that includes areas that have been little explored or not at all explored.                                                                                


Led by the Science for Childhood Initiative and supported by several important partners, this initiative aims at designing fruitful strategies with the potential to change the lives of the children and families which are currently in a situation of vulnerability.                                                                               

Executive Leadership Program

Another Science for Childhood Initiative program whose goal is to invite policy makers, public officials, and leaders of civil society to join the dialogue of the importance of Early Childhood Development.                                                                               

International Symposium on Early Childhood Development

Since 2012, the Science for Childhood Initiative has been organizing annual symposia on issues related to Early Childhood Development. This event is designed to attract the professionals who work either directly or indirectly with expectant mothers and children not older than 6 years of age and their caretakers.                                                                               

Generate and Disseminate Knowledge

Means to create, translate, organize and share content about early childhood with the overall society, especially with interested parties, enabling them to identify, act and advocate their cause.

The Collection Basic Concepts on Early Childhood

The volumes in this Collection were designed for professionals working with children between pregnancy and six years of age to help them better understand childhood development and parenting. It is comprised of two publications.                                                                               

Movie: The Beginning of Life

The Beginning of Life is a movie which takes place throughout the four corners of the World to show the importance of the first years of each person´s and the impact on this period on the future of our society. Learn more.                                                                               

Series: "Early Childhood A+"

Designed for educators, this series includes a book and a TV series focused on Early Childhood, i.e., from gestation to the sixth year of life. The goal of this series is to elaborate on the themes presented and encourage important discussions about childhood issues.                                                                               

Series: "When Everything Begins"

A six-episode TV series broadcasted by the Discovery Home & Health channel which follows two families for three months experiencing the early childhood years of their children while experts advise the parents on how to deal with this phase.                                                                               

"Prescribe a Book"

A national campaign to encourage pediatricians to recommend families with young children to read to their kids every day.                                                                               

Digital Channels

Through its own digital channels, the Foundation aims to inform, make aware and mobilize its diverse stakeholders about the importance of Early Childhood Development./p>                                                                                


This is a tool which professionals engaged in early childhood-related issues can find high level and up to date knowledge and information about the most diversified themes regarding the importance of this phase of life that goes from pregnancy to the sixth year of life./p>                                                                                

The São Paulo Early Childhood Index

This index shows the capacity of the São Paulo State municipalities to promote childhood development through their health and educational services offered to children under 6 years of age./p>                                                                                

Change Realities

Projects whose goals are to design early childhood development initiatives that can be tested, monitored, and evaluated. The ultimate goal is to generate knowledge about social intervention and transformation processes that can be shared and scaled up.

Artemisia Lab

The program tries to challenge its participants to work together to generate business ideas, create and validate prototypes, and brainstorm so that they feel instigated to develop their own social businesses dedicated to Early Childhood.                                                                               

Grant Announcements by the São Paulo State Research Promotion Agency (Fapesp)

Financial resources to fund scientific and technological research projects developed by both public and private higher-learning institutions in the state of São Paulo; these projects result in innovative solutions that may potentially be replicated in any other city or region of the state.                                                                               

Saving Brains Grant

The purpose is to expand human capital by means of innovative solutions which protect and promote the development at the beginning of life. These solutions may come in the form of products, services or models of affordable interventions that are feasible and sustainable on a large scale, and based on scientific evidence.                                                                               

Primeiríssima Infância Program

This program was the first initiative that the Foundation conceived; its four major goals are to develop and promote local governance, train healthcare workers specialized in expectant mothers and children, mobilize and make local communities aware, and organize and share knowledge.                                                                               

São Paulo Pela Primeiríssima Infância Program

The mission of this program is to promote the holistic development of children from conception to three years of age. Among its main objectives are to improve the quality of service and care provided to expectant mothers and babies, promote interconnectivity among the various work areas involved, and mobilize society in regard to this important phase of life.                                                                               

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