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Changing the life of a child means changing the world. It’s an act of constructing, in the here and now, the society that we want today and in the future. And it’s exactly for this reason that we have embraced to this important mission: to positively impact the development of children during their first years of life. 
We generate, update, curate and share knowledge. We inspire people and mobilize public, private and social leaders. We strive to raise awareness of society about the importance of making positive change, through influencers and the press. We promote the establishment of partnerships that can increase the impact of such change and leverage its results. Always open to new ideas and approaches, we work to contribute to the creation of a world in which all children will have the same opportunities, both in the present and the future.

Our Priorities

In the world of early childhood development, we have chosen 4 priorities: 

To mobilize leaders

To convince public, social and private leaders that if they prioritize policies and practices that promote early childhood development, our society will have better prepared and more industrious citizens.

To raise the awareness of society

To awaken each person to the importance of a child’s first years of life. To show that if we plant the seeds of full development during this period, the child will reap the benefits for the rest of her life.

To strengthen families

To bring more information for parents and caregivers into the homes of young children and teach the value of stimulation, interaction, and bonding.

To Improve the quality of Child Education

To improve the policies of daycares and preschools with the implementation of good practices that emphasize an intersectoral approach. 

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