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The year 2020

The challenges imposed by the new coronavirus pandemic forced the world to rethink its priorities and reinvent itself. It was no different for the Maria Cecilia Souto Vidigal Foundation! It was a year of reviewing strategies, recalculating goals, putting aside things that suddenly became secondary, and creating solutions that would make it possible to continue our activities even in times of social distancing. Each step has made a difference during the past year, and you are invited to learn more about our journey by reading this report.


Advances in early childhood in Brazil over the past five years

There is no shortage of facts, scientific data, and figures to prove that from birth to 6 years of age, human beings are at the peak of their ability to learn and develop. In the last five years, the cause has gained momentum and fostered the creation of public policies for children and their families. However, given the new scenario that 2020 has brought us, with the greatest global health crisis of our time, it will be essential that public and private leaders invest even more in actions and programs aimed at this stage of life. More than ever before, planning is the keyword for dealing with the consequences of the pandemic and for the most urgent demands of society to be met. This look to the future must be accompanied by a reflection on what has been done so far and what will need to be done to focus on early childhood continues to advance. This is what the material below proposes: it takes stock of the advances of early childhood in Brazil so that the cause progresses even further and it is possible to have a systemic change in our country. Read on: